Wicwas Lake Real Estate

Wicwas Lakefront property located in Meredith NH ( 327 acres )


Lake Wicwas is a 327 acre lake located in Meredith NH. It is a very clean lake which is tested yearly to be sure that it maintains its water quality. There is a very strong Lake Wicwas Association to help keep the lake in it pristine condition. It has wonderful fishing, sailing and boating. However jet skis are not allowed on the lake. There is a great deal of conservation land and marshes that surround the lake so that it offers lots of wildlife for all to enjoy. You might see loons, herons, deer, moose, mink, beavers and muskrats as well as ducks and cormorants. The species of fish most common to the lake are bass, pickerel, perch, horn pout and crappies. There is a boat ramp on Chemung Rd.to access the lake. For all of the real estate listed on Lake Wicwas call Lakes Region Luxury Real Estate.

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