Why Choose Sotheby's International Realty?


Why Choose Four Seasons Sotheby's International Realty?

Luxury Homes are Unique Creations, each with a different combination of special characteristics. Our job is to “understand your home” and develop a comprehensive marketing plan that uses multiple channels to communicate your property's very best characteristics. We'll deliver that message to the most appropriate class of Buyers and bring you success in the form of a sold home.

Tell Us About Your Home!

When we sit down with you, we can uncover those unique characteristics about your property that make it special.

  • What drew you to the home? What do your guests says they love about your home? Let’s make it personal!
  • Is your home built in the arts and crafts style? This might appeal to a lover of antiques or vintage collectables.
  • Do you have a commanding view? We would surely want to have your view as the focal point of our advertising.
  • If you have a well designed docking system in deep water, then a boating enthusiast would gravitate toward your home.
  • If you are a naturalist, with a simple home surrounded by woods and a natural shoreline on a smaller quiet water body, then a kayaker might fall in love with your “humble abode.”
  • If you own a gentleman’s farm or an Equestrian property, then our advertising and marketing will target a very specific audience.

As you can see, many considerations go into successfully marketing a property.  As Lakes Region luxury real estate specialists, we have years of experiencing matching buyers to their ideal home. We'll help identify the charecteristics about your home that will appeal to people, and ensure that they're prominenetly highlighted.

The Features and Benefits of Listing with Sotheby's International Realty

What truly sets Sotheby's International Realty apart when it comes to listing your home is the global reach of the brand and the professional marketing of your home.

  1. Individual Full Color Glossy Property Brochures with high-end professional photography and property descriptions. These will be distributed at our there New Hampshire offices and throughout the Sotheby's referral network.
  2. Our Global Referral Network of 700 offices in 50 countries gives us the opportunity to make direct referrals of sellers and buyers to offices we have a realtionship with. This increases the chance the referral will result in a successful transaction.
  3. Sotheby's Auction House gives us instant credibility  for customer service and unique positioning within the market place which benefits all listings we have. It also gives us instant access tom some of the most affluent customers in the world for high end listings.
  4. Sothebysrealty.com is the foremost luxury real estate website in the world. No other site is found more easily by search engines for luxury real estate. In 2013 the website received 10 million visits a 36% increase over 2012. 42% of the visitors were are international as well. The website also only accepts professional photography to make sure each and every property looks it's best.
  5. Sotheby's Listing Distribution consists of 12 exclusive partnerships with New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, James List, BBC, Boston Magazine to name a few. These exclusive partnerships mean that we both advertise the brand and the properties on their websites and maintain stric control over how the properties appear. Each site must make a correction to a listing promptly or it must be taken down. No other brand has that type of control over their content like Sotheby's International Realty. 
  6. Sotheby's Property Reports are generated monthy for each client showing how many times their property is being viewed on each site and how many leads were directly attributed to that site. You also see the top 10 geographic locations your property were viewed from. This helps us to tailor our marketing to those areas.
  7. Sotheby's Brand Advertising is another key componet of their online marketing strategy. Sotheby's spends millions every year to promote the brand on some of the most recognizable media oulets in the world. This helps to drive additional traffic to sothebysrealty.com increasing the likelihood of buyers finding our listings in the Lakes Region.
  8. SIR Mobile is another increasingly important tool for finding real estate. 65% of all real estate searches on weekends are done on a mobile sevice. Weekends as every knows is the busiest time for Lake Winnipesaukee real estate and vacation homes. The Sotheby's app has become a great portal for people to discover real estate as they visit the Lakes Region. 
  9. Sotheby's Social Media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are some of the finest in the industry and also drive direct traffic to sothebysrealty.com and to our local market site fourseasonssir.com
  10. Search Engine Marketing and SEO is another area that Sotheby's spends a great deal of money on to direct traffic to sothebysrealty.com. 90% of home buyers begin their search on the internet and making sure that Sotheby's is found quickly is very important.
  11. Four Seasons Sotheby's Marketing in the Lakes Region is across multiple areas. Our magazine is distributed throughout the Lakes Region and also to our direct mailing lists of past clients and Sotheby's offices throughout the northeast. We also have print advertising in all editions of The Laker, weekly Laconia Daily Sun ads, Homes and Land of the Lakes Region and Mill Falls Magazine to name a few.

Our Approach is to create a truly tailored maketing campaign using all that Sotheby's International Realty and Four Seasons Sotheby's has to offer. If you are interested in finding out more about what we can do to market your home and what Ruth and Brian Neidhardt also offer as Sotheby's brokers please contact us at one of the numbers below or use the contact form link. 

Ruth Neidhardt 603-455-0176     Brian Neidhardt 603-738-3798     Contact Us form.