Why Hasn't Your Home Sold?

This is a tough market. There are so many properties to choose from, many Buyers just don’t choose at all! They see so many options, they fear the market may continue to decline and it looks like there is no urgency to “Buy Now”, so they just decide to wait. BUT you want to SELL NOW.

The good news is that there are many Buyers who can buy a home now, and want to buy a home now. Let’s sell them your home! We can help you target ( real buyers ).

Our job is to make your property a Priority, one that Real Buyers want to see and Realtors are happy to show.

In today’s’ market Buyers have many choices, but what they won’t choose is:

  • a property in poor condition with lots of deferred maintenance
  • a property that in need of landscaping or some attention to the waterfront
  • a property that shows poorly and is in need of some simple staging
  • a property that is overpriced when compared to neighboring properties
  • a property that has functional deficiencies with no plan to correct them

(the plan could be as simple as ideas and estimates)

The plan might start by giving your property a name “ Graystone Lodge “

There are aspects of every property, weaknesses that we can’t change. But we can always minimize the weaknesses and highlight the strengths.

We will work with you on a plan to showcase your home in the best possible light, our tech-savy market strategies are proven and generate a lot of interested real buyers for our listings, price it properly and the results will be success.


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