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Help Improve the Survival of Angler-released Marine Fish - Angler:Port Meeting NH

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F_and_G_logo_gif DURHAM, N.H. -- Learn how you personally can help improve  our marine fisheries by discussing best handling practices when releasing fish,  and find out how anglers on other coasts are improving survival of  angler-released fish, at an "Angler:Port" meeting set for June 20,  2013, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Urban Forestry Center, 45 Elwyn Rd,  Portsmouth, N.H. The meeting is being jointly hosted by NOAA Fisheries Service  and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

At the meeting, you will be able to provide your ideas  about how to best handle the fish you intend to release to fisheries managers  and scientists.  Also, learn about the  latest techniques, such as recompression devices, that may improve the survival  of the deep-water fish you release.

The Port Meeting will demonstrate methods and released  devices being use on the west, south Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Some  devices will be provided for examination and several interesting videos will be  shown on ways to reduce barotrauma effects (the effects on deep water caught  fish, that when raised to the surface, have extended gas filled eyes, bladder,  and esophagus).  These effects will not  let them swim back down when released at the surface, and thus cause high  release mortality.

You'll also hear about the Fish Smart and Best Practices  programs, which are angling community programs to understand and enhance fish  release survival, promote careful release, and implement best release  practices.

Directions to the Urban Forestry Center: From I-95, take Exit 5 to the Portsmouth  Traffic Circle.  From the Circle, take  Rte. 1 Bypass south. This will merge into Rte. 1 South. Proceed about 2 miles  through a series of five lights.  At the  next set of lights you should be in the left turn only lane. Turn left onto  Elwyn Road.  Take the first left turn  into the Urban Forestry Center road to the parking lot.

Taken from the NH Fish and Game Website

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